A Dino 3D Puzzle – for real!

After our brainstorming sketches, we drew up the dino in illustrator:

Kang made a paper model:

Testing the file and connection joints: (the CNC didn’t cut thru the first time… so we made lemonaid)

To present the project, we asked the class to assemble the “puzzle!”

Adding Alice

In my first adventure of laser etching, I had a frustrating and rewarding time.

I was confused about the difference between Raster and Vector etching, so it took a few tries to prepare the files correctly. Here’s the piece as we showed in class for our midterm:

Next Steps:

Next week, we will put on the finishing touches:

  • Etch the spiral onto the gear in the back
  • Add a tree for the cat to hide behind
  • Add the cat’s smile
  • Possibly add some other characters to the gears under the box