—– In collaboration with Louise Foo. —–

Color Play fosters synesthesia by translating color to sound.

Louise and I set out to explore the relationship between color and sound, and make something that would spark the same curiosity in others. After much research, we chose to map the 8 colors of the spectrum with the 8 notes of the major C scale. We decided to create a record player-like toy that would allow a user to compose sound by rearranging colored wedges. With extended play, the user begins to internalize this relationship and may experience mild synesthesia.






Brand URL Description
Design Within Reach Modern, Sophisticated
BoConcept Simple, Interesting, Strong
Uppercase Smart, Clean, Well Made
Brand WHY?
Etsy Values design, talks at the level of “real people”
Think Coffee Honesty, doesn’t try too hard, “good”
ZipCar Witty, feels local although it isn’t
What do you want your thing to be known for?
The experience of using it – fun and unique
What group or niche would LOVE your thing?
Group Things they love now…
Creatives Kid Robot / Brookstone / Sculpture
Educators Interactive Toys / Brain Games
Kids Simon / Blocks / Making Noises
Media Where u are…
Photography Our best trait, but need to re-shoot
Video Better at editing than shooting – must resolve audio issues
Writing We need to find our “voice”
Visual Design Needs to be done – until now it’s just been thrown together

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I received my Ponoko Order!

Leather & Felt cuts are here!


  • The laser etching of the logo on the leather is awesome – I printed say, 7pt type and it’s legible!
  • The file was precise and is good for a one off test


  • The charred edge of both materials smelled, and continued to flake off as I worked with it
  • The felt charcoal got all over the earbuds, rendering the pouch useless
  • The material was slightly thicker than I had imagined
  • The charring also made my buttons gross and unusable– but they would have been super cute!

For leather & felt, the service is great for cutting a prototype. I wonder if anyone will use it for anything more? I hope that they continue to add new materials and weights, and offer a free or less expensive sample of the materials. I wonder if it is even possible to cut those materials without the char smell- maybe a thinner weight would work?

After all, this is my favorite TuneTote prototype yet. It worked out that the material was thicker than I imagined — it holds it’s structure quite well!

Making something to make something

Our assignment was to make a tool that helps you make something else.

I chose to make a tool to correctly shape the ear-wires of the earrings I sell in my Etsy shop. My biggest challenge was measuring the distance for the loop that holds the charm. I couldn’t be very precise by hand, and if I messed up, one earring would be longer than the other. My solution was to laser cut a holder for the ear wire, with a nail placed at a measured distance to wrap the wire around:


The tool took a bit of getting used to, in fact, I ruined a bunch of ear wires before it started helping me. Now that I have the hang of it, the ear wires are turning out to be very consistent. Now, I don’t have to worry about mismatched length earrings, and can create a more professional product.

One thing to note- I never would have thought to make a tool to help with this if I hadn’t taken this class. So, I’m having a nice revolutionary experience asking myself new questions like:

  • What could make this easier to do?
  • How can I do this more consistently?
  • I’m making “handmade” items, but what can guide my hands?
  • How can I make it so that someone else could create my product with the same level of craftsmanship?

Tom’s Questionare


Where does it go? What niche will it fit into? Is it art? A consumer product? A ‘lifestyle’ product? Is it high design? A commodity? Experimental? A kit?

Who / Where would sell it?

  • – MOMA Design Store
  • – Rough Trade
  • – Urban Outfitters
  • – Any Art Museum Shop
  • – Small Gadget Boutiques
  • – Think Geek? Continue reading