Staining & Finishing


The finish of GLANCE is a big deal. How, as a first time wood-worker could I make something look classy? At the recommendation of Ben Light, I looked into Tung oil and Danish Oil. If found that Danish oil gave me a nice color, and some varieties even came with stain in them.

Because my two GLANCE objects were made of two types of wood, I decided to try one in a natural shade and one in a dark shade.

The process was much easier than regular stain – you just paint it on, let it sit and wipe it off later according to the directions. I tested the finish first on the scraps of wood from the original cut.

I was impressed with the consistency of the finish even though It had not been a perfectly even application.

Then, after drying for a few days, I tested the acrylic paint on top, and a layer of polyurethane. I decided that they polyurethane looked too shiny, so I decided against it. I may investigate the matte finish polyurethane in the future.


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