Thinking about UX design

It’s time to start thinking about the configuration experience of my project. So, I revisited an excellent resource, the syllabus from the User Experience Design class at ITP. On it I found the book “100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People” with such a convincing title and the fantastic ability of my computer to purchase a copy on the spot, I read about half of it immediately.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 10.35.47 PM

Here are a few big takeaways:

The book talked about a user’s mental model of what they expect from a system. I drew what I think a user may think of mine:


From the book:


Ok, so what training is needed? Is simply walking through the setup process enough? Do they need to understand that the system requires the fitness band to communicate with the phone then the internet then the Glance? In an effort to be simple I included no such map in my initial wireframe, but I wonder if it could help? I’ll have to ask some open ended questions of my test users about how they think the system works before telling them.

Map 003


In my last post I mentioned that I thought that the DropCam configuration experience was the best in the market. It was funny then, that when I sat down to write out the steps for my system, I almost immediately changed my mind. On paper, asking the user to go to their computer for half of the configuration seems way too much to ask. Here are the steps with the computer configuration:


Here are the steps with the app configuration:


I think the reason that the computer configuration seemed clunky was that I naturally conceive of the Glance as something that is app configured. With the DropCam, they did a great job of making it accessible even to non-smartphone users with a completely web browser accessible system. This could be some food for thought.

After looking over my user flow, I sketched up a more formal wireframe in the size of the phone. I will create an interactive version soon to do a user test:


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