DropCam Setup


I borrowed an extra DropCam to add to my existing account. I was interested to see the setup experience in a system that includes multiple connected nodes, but does not require a hub to control them.

Not only is DropCam by far the most error-free setup process of all of the connected devices I have reviewed, adding an extra node was simply a pleasure. After plugging the cam into my computer, it is recognized as a flash drive containing the configuration software. With just a 3 step process (Log into my account, Choose my WiFi Network, Place the Camera in it’s location) the cam was ready to go. There were no connection hiccups with arbitrary pairing procedures.

This process is superior because:

  • With the DropCam physically plugged into the computer, it illiminates connection failures
  • With a serial number for each device, the system knows who owns it even if it goes offline
  • The app and the DropCam both communicate directly with the user account on the server, no failures because the camera did not connect to a hub or the app directly
  • If one camera goes offline, the whole fleet is not knocked out

Now, I’m seriously considering this type of configuration for my thesis project instead of a hub and nodes approach.


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