Living with a Quirky Nimbus

It was surprising to me how much I like the Nimbus, once I had it set up to things I care about. Knowing how many emails I have is helpful— I can plan on reserving extra time when needed, and the Weather is nice to wake up to as well.

I purchased a Fitbit because Nike plus is not supported. The first week was great- I could check my step count before I went to bed to reflect on how active I had been that day. Then, about a week later, I forgot what the number meant. While setting up the Fitbit it suggested a daily step count goal, but that number has lost its meaning since I forgot how it compares to that goal. It would be stronger if it said the goal, or the % to the goal.


Then….. IT BROKE. (kinda)

About a week in, I looked at the readouts and they were not updating. What?

I unplugged it and set it up again— no luck. The house icon on the back kept blinking red. The instructions say “If your device is blinking red or green, it is still connecting” so I waited… and waited… and waited… . Calling support, the nice representative explained that “red blinking” means it can’t connect to WiFi. Ok….. so of course, I just move it into the living room (close to the router) during setup and voila! a working Nimbus. Wouldn’t it have been nice if that error message included this information?

Also, while I’m talking about the ‘needs to be improved’ -The clock face dials are so useless- I can barely see them and honestly haven’t even noticed if they moved– they could have been totally still this whole time- maybe they were.  Why are they clear? Why? The design of this product is so frustrating because it’s so close to being great. But I guess I should be glad I feel that way. 🙂


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