Jess and I created a fun New Jersey Party experience: A Fist Pumping Light Show using the RoboSmart connected lights. In this experience, a partygoer holds their phone in the hand they fist pump with, and the synced light will flash with their fist pumping action! We had originally talked about creating a way for rock show attendees to control the lights onstage, but we decided on a really fun “House Party” experience instead.

A big challenge was designing how the user would learn what to do. We considered using screens that the user swipes between or having a separate instructional section in the app. We decided to pair the whole process down to 3 steps: a connection animation, a simple instructional animation, and the fist pump action as the ‘go’ to start communicating with the light. This simplicity helped make it a smooth experience. Here’s what the app looked like: (White NJ = RoboSmart light ON; Blue NJ = RoboSmart light OFF)

First working prototype:

In-Class PARTY!


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