Learning from a Survey

I learned a lot from the Survey I sent out. My goal was to understand the mindset of someone who is using a tracking app in hopes to enhance their experience with my project. To my surprise, my biggest learn was that some people really HATE data. They fear data like people a bit less adoptive fear computers. I learned that these people are NOT my target audience. With this thought, I can hand pick test users with greater precision. I now know what type of person’s opinions to consider based on their understanding of my intentions.

Here is the survey I sent out:


Helpful Gathered Information:

How did the app let you know if you were on track?

  • Graphics are super helpful … ie mint’s pie chart … because they give a scale to the activity relative to other activities. This applies for savings, spendings, excercise, sleep, pushups, pullups, etc.

How would you like the app to communicate with you?

  • Reward for achieving goals
  • It should make a pretty noise and change color

Has knowing more about your habit changed your behavior? How so?

  • Now I’m much more aware of my spending and make purchases based on my budget not just on what I want.
  • Not really, it’s just nice to know that sometimes I’m upset and it has nothing to do with me and only to do with my period.
  • Yes! I chose better foods to eat and ate healthier amounts of those foods. Total success
  • Yes, it has made me more aware of how I’m spending my time. To me, reading is very important and if I’m not spending enough time on it, it shows.

How could this data better motivate you?

  • A comparison with others data.
  • It could be more interactive. For instance — at this rate you are going to hit (THIS MANY) books.
  • It’s all about completion. So perhaps telling me the percentage I have left to finish the task would be highly effective.

Have you ever stopped using a tracking app? Please describe what challenges you faced that caused you to stop:

  • Checkin takes too long

Please describe any emotions you encountered after learning about yourself with a tracking app:

  • I felt surprised but motivated to change.
  • Like hitting goals…overall not bothered if I have an off day
  • It’s less about judgment than planning, but knowing where I am in a project is encouraging.
  • I felt empowered because the tool was so obviously helpful. I had huge results and it helped me track those results (I lost 90 pounds).
  • Using LoseIt, I felt a range of emotions from proud to frustrated.
  • I feel determined to make my goal of reading as much as I want to. When I’m falling behind, it encourages me to read more and reminds me of why I set the goal. When I’m beating it, it encourages me to keep going to blow it further away.



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