Netatmo: Week 2 Assesment

I made an effort to look at the data provided for sake of review, but I probably would have forgotten otherwise. I had little to no desire to check the Netatmo app, or read it’s many notifications. The weather notifications were typical, but the personal notifications were not helpful – if I am notified, I need to know why– yes, humidity is over 30%– but is that ok? Should I do something about it?

The biggest opportunity would be to incorporate the correct levels into the messaging all around. The information about what is a normal, low or high level is hidden within the “I” icon, forcing you to go back and forth between them to remember what is good or bad. I wish that the explanation was located in the same spot as the graphs.

It’s the lack of understanding significant numbers and a call to action when change is necessary that makes this system seem like a waste of money.

However, after looking at the data, it seems I may benefit from purchasing a humidifier.


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