Jane sells shoes online. She frequents many second hand stores and thrift shops, carefully selecting only the best shoes from the 60’s. Her curatorial eye lets her make a living off of this online business. Jane’s online store receives about 5 orders a day, and with every sale, Jane feels great that she’s matched another set of shoes with an excited customer. For her birthday, Jane’s boyfriend gets her a _________. She configures it to change whenever she makes a sale to celebrate her success. Jane places it above her computer in her office where she restores, researches, and stores her inventory. She loves having a subtle reminder of her success.


George has recently started working out. He purchased a Fitbit to track his goals, and a new pair of running shoes. His plan is to go to the gym 3 times a week, and walk an average of 7,000 steps per day. It has now been a month, and George has been doing well, but hasn’t been hitting his goals as often as the first few weeks. He’s been forgetting to check the Fitbit app — the honeymoon period is over. While looking for some wall art for his new apartment, George finds the _________.  He sees that he can configure it to change when he meets or doesn’t meet his exercise goals, and will look nice in his entryway. He installs it in his house and glances at it when he leaves for work each morning. George notices that as the _______ hints at him missing his goal, it motivates him to grab his gym bag and he attends the gym more often after work.


Nancy is the CEO of a small company. She is great at managing her employees, is a great speaker at press events, and is a caring mom for her two twin daughters. As you can imagine, Nancy’s calendar is always full. With so much on her plate, her stress level dips and grows throughout her week, and she notices that she is most stressed when she needs to attend her daughters’ soccer games after work. She tells her new intern, Sam about the problem. Sam suggests getting a _______ and configuring it to notify her whenever an event on her kid’s calendar is close to or overlapping with and event on her work calendar. Nancy gets one and hangs it in her office next to her clock. Now, when she sees her pending schedule conflict, she takes extra care to take breaks throughout the day and remembers to eat, minimizing her stress level and making her life much more manageable.


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