Netamo: Urban Weather Station Unboxing


On inspecting the front of the box, It looks like a beautifully designed product. The back has a lot of text – almost too small to read. I notice that the only measurement I’m familiar with is temperature, as I don’t know what a normal Barometer reading should be. The side of the box is a picture of an eye with “monitor your environment” – something more appropriate for a webcam than something so “unseen.” I’ve never tested the air before, but as an allergy sufferer, I’m excited to see if the machine can confirm or predict my symptoms.



Opening the package was easy, with just a sticker to break and the box slides open into two. The products are presented nicely, similar to perfume packaging where the bottle is nestled in the box. Removing them from the packaging was easy as well. The instructions were revealed in a cylindrical form inside the box– mirroring the shape of the product. It came with batteries, charger, velcro and screw with molly.



After all those words on the box— how refreshing to see an ikea style pictographic instruction book! The steps were easy to follow – even the product had great pictorial images of the battery polarity. What an interesting way to add batteries to literally the center of a cylinder. Further instruction suggests placement of the outdoor meter, reminding you to keep it safe out of the rain, and providing options to screw it into the wall or connect it to a pole with the included velcro strap.



The URL suggested in the setup guide just showed a static page that redirects you to the app store for your device– I would have liked it to have the logos in the print manual as well to save me the trip. The app directs you to press the on button then choose the weather station from a list once it connects. Then downloads firmware. It then asks if you would like it to use the log in credentials for your wireless network that are stored on your phone — and it magically logged onto my home wifi without having me type my password. (How? Huh? Scary.)



Looking at the gauges design seems a bit more generic than the beauty of the product design. There’s an “i” information icon readily available to learn more about each of the gauges, but the design is still clunky- with no focal point and lots of “manual – like” text. The most prominent button on the display is a “+” plus sign that shows their website for you to buy more of their products. The next most prominent is the name you gave to your Netatmo, allowing you to switch between units. Both of these things are rare occurrences – with their solid blue buttons I would have thought they were the most important.

The smaller outdoor Netatmo seems to be not working. I don’t know what type of feedback to expect from it. Does it have a light on it as well? The outdoor graph on my app is recording data, but how am I to know it’s working and it’s mine?



One thought on “Netamo: Urban Weather Station Unboxing

  1. I had a similar experience with the outdoor unit. A little further reading on their website revealed how to get it going, but it’s still not working perfectly for me either.

    Interesting point about ” and it magically logged onto my home wifi without having me type my password. (How? Huh? Scary.)” How would you redesign that experience to make it less scary, while retaining the convenience?

    Are you getting the information you want out of the device? Why or why not? If not how would you redesign it?

    Do you get enough information from the physical device itself as to its activity? What is best about it? What is worst?

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