Working with Xbees – Two way communication

To make multiple smaller buttons, I’m using Xbees to send button presses and light up LED’s. First, I was having a lot of trouble configuring them. Thanks to Matt Richardson for recommending these tutorials:

Digital Input with a Button

Digital Output with an LED

It seems the thing that made it work was to set the i/o input address (ATIA) to FFFF so that all radios would receive it. Funny thing, however as none of the other documentation that I found mentions “ATIA.”

I had to make a chart for myself to make sense of it all. I will fill out the rest once I get more of the radios going:

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 11.18.39 PM

Here are some resources that helped me make it work:

A Simple Explanation

A Good Chart of the Pins and Abilities 

Explanation of Pins & How to Set them

The Bible


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