Making it Pretty

My goal is that my projects feel elegant and inviting. As much as I love the maker movement, the standard components available have a very rough aesthetic. It’s my goal to reinvent or at least disguise these features into a more intentional and finished design.

I just learned to use the CNC router at ITP, which is so much fun. It’s magic really, how I can dream up a shape, sketch it in illustrator, and a few hours later I’m holding it in my hand made out of wood. My only limitation here was that the best button I could find was still pretty “maker looking” so I had to make a more advanced and larger shape than I would have liked.

I embedded the LED’s in some laser cut Acrylic. This took a very long time – soldering LED’s is tedious! I am still working on making it more elegant by buying non colored LED’s, but that will come later.

I finished it off with some laser cut veneer and sanding. I plan to play with the finish of the wood next.


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