Arduino to Internet: A new adventure!

Choosing a Language –

Looking at a new world, you have to choose, but define your choices first. Most Making Things Talk examples were in PHP, and Node.js documentation seemed to be over my head, but closer to my eventual goal. I did examples for both–

Beginner Findings:


YUN, Raspberry Pie & Uno with Ethernet Shield were my options. I quickly ruled out the Pie for setup time’s sake. Then, I concurrently worked with both the YUN and the Uno w/ Ethernet Shield.

Beginner Findings:

  • You need to download Arduino 1.5 Beta to see YUN in the boards list
  • The YUN’s MAC address needs to be added to NYU’s sandbox network in order to join it
  • The YUN is by default a server and the computer connects to IT as a client (It’s in the Airport Menu)
  • There is some timeout or reset that happens on the YUN, also, I’m still having trouble after the initial configuration


This is the hard part – actually getting everything to talk to each other. I chose Node.js because the routes and structure seem to make more sense. I’m still working on getting the Arduino to listen to the server to change the LED colors. Now, the state changes when visiting the URL thru the browser (the Arduino will be programmed to visit it eventually.) Nonetheless– look mom, It changes color!


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