I received my Ponoko Order!

Leather & Felt cuts are here!


  • The laser etching of the logo on the leather is awesome – I printed say, 7pt type and it’s legible!
  • The file was precise and is good for a one off test


  • The charred edge of both materials smelled, and continued to flake off as I worked with it
  • The felt charcoal got all over the earbuds, rendering the pouch useless
  • The material was slightly thicker than I had imagined
  • The charring also made my buttons gross and unusable– but they would have been super cute!

For leather & felt, the service is great for cutting a prototype. I wonder if anyone will use it for anything more? I hope that they continue to add new materials and weights, and offer a free or less expensive sample of the materials. I wonder if it is even possible to cut those materials without the char smell- maybe a thinner weight would work?

After all, this is my favorite TuneTote prototype yet. It worked out that the material was thicker than I imagined — it holds it’s structure quite well!


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