Making something to make something

Our assignment was to make a tool that helps you make something else.

I chose to make a tool to correctly shape the ear-wires of the earrings I sell in my Etsy shop. My biggest challenge was measuring the distance for the loop that holds the charm. I couldn’t be very precise by hand, and if I messed up, one earring would be longer than the other. My solution was to laser cut a holder for the ear wire, with a nail placed at a measured distance to wrap the wire around:


The tool took a bit of getting used to, in fact, I ruined a bunch of ear wires before it started helping me. Now that I have the hang of it, the ear wires are turning out to be very consistent. Now, I don’t have to worry about mismatched length earrings, and can create a more professional product.

One thing to note- I never would have thought to make a tool to help with this if I hadn’t taken this class. So, I’m having a nice revolutionary experience asking myself new questions like:

  • What could make this easier to do?
  • How can I do this more consistently?
  • I’m making “handmade” items, but what can guide my hands?
  • How can I make it so that someone else could create my product with the same level of craftsmanship?

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