Cardboard Impossibility

And Now, for another *brilliant idea!

IMG_0433*by brilliant, I mean physically impossible (but pretty.)

Prototype #2:

We had the idea that one big driving gear could simultaneously drive a tiny gear and the platform. We thought it would have symmetry and stability….

Looks good right? Well, it’s actually physically impossible. We realized that if we made this out of hard, plumb wood, the center dowels would run into each other, as would all of the gears (not where the teeth should go, but literally run into each other.)


  • Corrugated cardboard is not solid, so it didn’t give us a very good idea of how the gears would mesh
  • We knew that our rear gear and small gear are now correct, and smoothing the gears did help
  • We will need to re-design the gear layout to account for the correctly shaped box

On to the next prototype!


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