Tom’s Questionare


Where does it go? What niche will it fit into? Is it art? A consumer product? A ‘lifestyle’ product? Is it high design? A commodity? Experimental? A kit?

Who / Where would sell it?

  • – MOMA Design Store
  • – Rough Trade
  • – Urban Outfitters
  • – Any Art Museum Shop
  • – Small Gadget Boutiques
  • – Think Geek?

What price range? ( Under $20? 50 Bucks? Over $500?)

  • – $80 / $149  Depending on Finish

What website would talk about it? 

  • Perceptual awareness
  • Synesthesia
    •  When you play, your mind begins to make associations – color with sound, and if you are aware of this brain connection, you can witness a sort of unconscious synesthesia.
  • We would create an app to get  / buy it
    • Create Buy in thru less expensive app / then physical collector edition /  or vice versa?

Who is the most influential person that would be interested in it?  Do you ‘follow’ them? If not, start.

  • – Brian Eno
  • – NotCot
  • – Neil Harbisson – Color Cyborg
  • – Golan  Levin
  • – Rough Trade Guy
  • – Kinetic sculptors?
  • – Myth Busters guys?
  • – Arts / Design / CMYK


Are you filling a need? WHY do you want to make this? Being sure that this problem/motivation is real and important in some way is critical to your success.

What already exists in this space? 

  • – Little Sun
  • – Otamatone

Who/what would be your competitors? What do you have that they do not? 

Describe your reason/motivation.  It can be a silly reason, an aesthetic reason, selfish, personal, altruistic, indescribable. Just be honest about your motivation.

  • – A new way to play with senses, and synesthesia

Do you like it? Be sure that you have some level of passion about this thing, because if it becomes a success you’ll have to do it all the time. 

  • – Yup


How will this happen? If you find yourself feeling scared/nervous/overwhelmed by this section, simplify. It will be better to finish something small than fail at something large.

Do you have a clear picture of what your challenges are?

  • – Color Sensor / Camera / Consistency
  • – Deciding on final materials
  • – Revisit Design
  • – Optimal Size?

How confident are you that you’ll finish/succeed? Give a number from 1 to 10 and explain. (1 unconfident, 10 it’s in the bag.) 

  •  8  – Biggest Challenge is time and Schedule & setting deadlines

Do you often finish things? 

  • – Yeah, often to a fault.

Do you have the skills? Are you an expert? A novice? Both are fine, but you should keep that in mind when thinking about scope and scale. 

  • – Phase 1 : Decide on the final design / materials – GOOD
  • – Phase 2: Getting it Produced – HOPEFULLY WILL BE OK
  • – Phase 3 : Marketing – GOOD – need to find PR contacts

Are you working on this alone? 

  • – With Louise Foo!

Describe a dream partner. What would they bring to the table? 

  • – Louise Foo. We are good at having both strong personal opinions and listening to each others viewpoint. She is more artistic and I am more practical and I like being opened up to artistic things and she tolerates my practicality 😉

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