Stupid Networks Are Awesome.

The Reading: The Dawn of the Stupid Network

Stupid Networks – Data flows thru the infrastructure and remains unchanged – the center doesn’t even ask why or what the data contains. At the end, the “Smart” computer/receiver decodes and reconstructs the information. The benefit? The computer programs that send and receive can be changed easily – as long as they agree on a new protocol. But their data can still be sent on the same old “stupid” network. It’s like designing faster cars — they can still drive on the same road. (or then switching to hover-cars, that hover over that same road.) Stupid networks put the power in the hands of the networked, not the telcos company- services may be created and modified at the endpoints with software. (should it be available or writable)

Intelligent Networks – Telcos tried to put “smart” features into the center of the network- presumably fixated on the switching computers’ ability to do more than just switching. Although adding features like caller ID and options are great, putting intelligent features in the middle of an infrastructure makes is very difficult to upgrade & expand cheaply. It kills innovation because the infrastructure may need to be changed if a newer, better idea comes around that that idea may never be realized.  IN’s needed to treat different types of data separately- data, voice, tv.



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