Understand, Divide, and Conquer

After brainstorming, we solidified our ideas into the flow of the exhibit:


Purpose: To reflect discover and compare yourself and your views to beauty

Section 1: Challenge the visitor to acknowledge their own thoughts on beauty.

Colors:  purple to blue spectrum

  • INTRO (above door): What is Beauty?
    • Two Doors lead into the exhibit initiating the question, What makes me think something is beautiful?
  • Which is more beautiful?
    • Interactive “Which one?” game with percent readouts after. Three monitors.
  • What makes you beautiful?
    • Mirror interactive shows visitor that makes legs longer, neck longer, hands bigger/smaller etc. (like a digital fun house mirror.)
  • Is too much beauty possible? Is perfect beautiful or ugly?
    • Life size Barbie sculpture can be stood next by visitors. Questions surround like:
    • Can something be too beautiful?
    • What is perfection?
    • What is “real”?

Over the door to the next room: “Is beauty social or science?”

Section 2: (Allison) Discover the reasoning behind why we find things ( nature, symmetry, light etc…) beautiful.

Colors: gold, yellows, bright earth tones, rich blacks

Repetition – snowflake making interactive

  • draw one line on touch screen and the rest is repeated
  • snowflake is added to wall (brighter)

Symmetry – one or both interactives

  • blind feeling of symmetrical vs non symmetrical face
  • computer mirror that copies half of face to make you appear symmetrical
  •  Something about the golden ratio?

Section 3: (Jon) Explore how society and culture have influenced perceptions of beauty. Voices & Viewpoints

Colors: off whites, reds, oranges


  • Beauty Scale Interactive
  • Scale that tells in which culture you would be most beautiful


  • Art with mathematic overlay
  • Interactive button shows golden ratio over paintings

Video Theatre

  • Celebrity voice speaks about the different perceptions of beauty in different cultures — Morgan Freeman


Presentation Points / Printed Proposal:

Design Elements:

  • No shape angles
  • earth muted tones, goldish
  • flush lighting – nothing too harsh
  • radial -ish floor plan around spiral

The StoryLine

A look at beauty from an introspective, scientific, and global perspective

  • Visitors are to ask themselves what they find beautiful and why
  • Distort their perception
  • Challenge the boundaries of beauty

The Target Audience

  • Young Adult / Families
  • Discussion based learning for kids / Self reflective learning for adults

Visitor Outcomes

  • An eye opening look at why what influences our feeling of beauty

Tone of Voice

  • Authoritative, Mystical, Factual, Morgan Freeman?

Visual Identity

  • Helvetica (because of its symmetry)
  • Serifed fonts for serious questions
  • Global impact

Physical Deliverables:

  • Model
  • Materials Board
  • Color Palette
  • 11 x 17 Printed Proposal

After brainstorming above, I was assigned the first section. Here is my sketch:

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