UX Design Process – Applied

This post is a work in progress as I align my project with the UX design process. I will be creating an official brief, then using balsamiq for my wireframes and designing some mock ups in photoshop / illustrator. design_process-005

What is the problem?

  • Learning online is hard to track
  • Bookmarks are hard to save and navigate
  • Quality content is difficult to find

What are the opportunities?

  • Collecting a history of quality content
  • Minimizing search-to-find time when researching or learning
  • Curating curriculums by crowd sourcing
  • Cultivating channels to the best content in the world in a trusted, honored location.

Who is the audience?

  • Self-motivated adults supplementing existing knowledge or discovering new knowledge
  • Students supplementing course curriculum
  • Teachers curating content for their students

How will SUCESS be judged?

  • Clear invitation to interact with the site
  • Simple, optional self curation tool
  • Continued use after initial collection
  • Relevant search results
  • Non-aggressive ads

What makes the experience compelling?

  • Visual collections (beauty)
  • User organization
  • Following the path of others
  • Helping others with struggles you’ve had



  • Intelligent 
  • Witty
  • Relaxed
  • Beautiful

Define the Hierarchy:

Define the flow:

What are the visual cues of navigation?


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