Power to the Dancers

Ok, I’m gonna say it….

It really bothers me that the dancers dream of “digital sound shoes” has been realized through corporate ad campaigns for shoe companies and not through the dance community. Let’s put the power of these shoes in the hand of real tap dancers–to broaden their talents with this technology.

Here are some really talented tappers who have carried a large board into the street and changed into their tap shoes to perform. I would like to enable this to happen with any type of shoe and without a special floor.


Making Music

Mike did a great job figuring out the code for Max MSP to translate the FSR’s in the shoes to MIDI:


And I worked on using bluetooth — I connected it to Processing first to test:


We will eventually work on making the shoes into a looper, but for now the next step is to connect the bluetooth signal to Max MSP and build the project for 2 shoes. Here are some ideas for the product design:




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