Hacking Higher Ed- Final

I wanted to take the UX class but didn’t get in, so I’m going to “hack” my own education by making my own version of the course. I will follow the syllabus and use the lessons to create the ux design for an educational website. Here is a link to my idea:


I would like to design the structure, navigation and interface. My project will be a design and UX challenge and will make me think about the student’s needs and data management. I will attempt to prototype what I can but may just mock up the visual design as if it was online.

The project will require two paths:

1.) A pinterest-like path to crowd source the location of good educational materials, what learning tools they employ, and how much time they take to complete. The user will add a bookmark to their internet browser, then click it when they find good tutorials or learning materials, and answer a quick 10 question form to categorize it for the site. Other questions may include level, subtopics, and prerequisites.

2.) A user path for learners seeking the information. The user will fill out three things: WHAT, HOW and HOW LONG, then they will be presented with search results. Lessons can be collected based on varying topics by logging in and adding to collections in their account. They can also share collections with others. Professors and teachers may make collections to share with a class.

Design Goals

My goal is to focus on the discovering and collecting of materials as the main feature of the site, and to provide a clean, clutter free interface to navigate them. I will focus on visual stimuli by asking the user to select “cover images” for every lesson (being pulled from any image, video or screenshot of the website it’s from.) Most content (video or audio from Vimeo, youTube, etc.) will be able to be embedded to rid the learner of distractions.

Please follow my progress on my UX Class Blog. 


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