Institute of the Past (ITP): Our Presentation/Game


To create a presentation recapping our discoveries while “Reverse Engineering” the exhibits visited throughout  the semester. Because the whole class had seen the same exhibits, we decided to make a game to break up the dissemination of the same information. We thought that if we could create a game environment that allowed the players to win by deducing our discoveries, than we could demonstrate our knowledge and make it fun too!


  • Docent at front of room, Ghost near the door
  • Pass out name tags (divide by sides of table)
  • Game board on table with cards in place
  • Map of game board projection on the wall



[docent] Welcome to today’s inspection of the Institute of The Past (ITP).  As you can see, it’s in a state of disrepair.  No one comes to visit this museum any longer.  It’s been years since these once grand halls — [docent points to game board or wall projection] Wasserman Gallery, Skirball Memorial Hall, Tisch Center, Bobst Pavilion — have seen any tourists, school groups, first dates, or staycationers.

[ghost slams door and turns out lights]

Ghost Audio:

[Ghost Audio Transcript:] Oh why hello, my creative teams. I see you’re on a tour of MY museum. I used to curate these halls but fate tore them from me. While installing its final exhibition there was a great accident that took my life, and my plans were never carried out…until now.

Do you see those papers, on my desk? Oh, on those pages I poured my thoughts and wishes for this beautiful space. Please, work as a team to bring my museum back to life. The door has been locked – no one is leaving till my vision is complete!

[ghost hands envelope to docent]

[docent] If YOU are the team to figure out the curators wishes, her ghost will disappear and the museum will be yours!

[Change to next slide, object/rules over map]



Teams take turns drawing pages from the notebook. A team can guess the Content Type, Duration, Design Element, and Flow for each hall. If the are correct they win that hall! If incorrect, they must give up one of their notebook pages to the other team. The team with the most halls wins!


If we had to play again, we would make the clues simpler and relate the game instructions directly to CLUE, so that the players would have a basic knowledge of gameplay. Either way, we had fun!


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