Bio Final Project Concept Development


We will produce a foot-based musical creation tool for dancers.

Inputs Outputs
looped tap audio
turning specific loops on and off

There will be two main components of this tool: a physical interface and computer midi interface. The midi interface will be wirelessly connected to the physical interface and will process rhythms created by the dancer to create and loop a variety of midi sounds. The physical interface will create those rhythms and control the type and looping of the sounds output by the computer interface.

There are two main ways that the physical interface may manifest itself: as a pressure sensitive mat on the floor or pressure sensitive shoes with a secondary interface to control the output. We are currently researching the viability of several designs that are consistent with these two possibilities.

Both mat-based ones would include buttons to control the type of midi sounds being output. We could also have additional buttons that serve as play controls for looping the tracks. The matt could possibly include piezo sensors or FSR sensors. The matt could be wireless or tethered to the computer.

The shoe design would require the dancer to wear shoes outfitted with FSR’s in the heels and toes to sense the pressure applied while dancing. The dancer would need to wear a wireless transmitter to send the info back to the arduino and midi controlled computer.

To control the looping and playback of the sounds,  we could create a more experimental approach: allowing the user to begin and end tracks with repetition. In order to start a track, users would repeat a bar several times. The system will constantly record a certain number of bars at a time, so that it can repeat those bars when it notices a pattern. In order to stop the track, they would repeat a rhythm from an existing track. This would be a very complex system that will require further research. Or, the user could wear controls on their hand, arm or stomp on the controls.



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