Preliminary Research on 3 Topics

Body Movement to Create Music

When I was in high school I dreamed of being able to make music with my tap shoes instead of just rhythm. I had envisioned a board that I could dance on with microphones and a computer to translate into music. Now, many people have done this with FSR’s and I really want to try!

A Wearable Wireless Sensor Platform for Interactive Dance Performances –

Imogen Heap —

A Collection of MIDI dance shoes on a blog –


Create Music with body movement interface–


Imogen Heap Performing–


The most amazing thing–


Micro Movements- Can we use them to control our devices?

I am interested in finding ways to input to our computers or other devices without touching them or speaking to them. I know that the brain wave control is coming- but I wonder if there is a mid step that we can accomplish right now? I would like to be able to wiggle my fingers to type, but without the keyboard beneath them. (Probably too far fetched for this project, but I would like to look into a simple version.)

Lying causes involuntary muscle movement –

Tracking to create virtual musical instrument –


Quantified Self

I could look at collecting data from fitbits or other sensors to make a game- The contestants would compete to make their sensor higher. There could be advantages for being short tall, small big etc- that wouldn’t be apparent until they figure it out. 

An interesting talk from a self quantifier about her weight loss –

Fitbit Data –

Heart beat finder –


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