Commodified Content

Our Assignment: Take the content of a lecture and put it online. What would make a lecture better?

Some people read books, others watch videos, others listen and others do. Why? Because most learning experiences make you choose. My goal for this project is to maximize comprehension and learning by presenting the same content in many different ways in the same location.

I chose the Paper Crane as my subject for 3 reasons:

  • It’s a quick lesson and I know how to make one by heart (so I could focus on teaching)
  • The subject was easy to break down into steps, or lessons
  • There were many ways to teach – video, still images, text, audio, etc.

Although this subject lends itself nicely to multiple teaching styles, I would argue that this is possible with any subject. Subjects that don’t lend themselves to video or text may benefit the most from creative educators creating content that works. How amazing would it be if an info-graphic artist did videos for math or author taught about graphic design through imaginative descriptive prose.


I presented the information with an overview showing the instructional video in its entirety.

Then, I “chunked” the video into individual lessons navigable on the left side. On each lesson page I offer three learning opportunities: reading, watching and looking at a 2-D drawing of the step to be learned. Audio could also be added as a separate tool in the future. (Like the listen button in the TED app.)

It takes about 10 min to look thru my content and make a paper crane. Please try it and give me feedback- Thanks!

PaperCrane Website


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