Massive Productivity

Education + Internet = Customization

What is a lecture? Lectures reach many students with singular effort. They are a generic building block that fulfills a generic curriculum that makes an education. They are one size fits all.

Now with the internet, we have the ability to access the same content in different ways, at different times, and in different combinations. Just like an a la carte meal, every piece can be welcome and enjoyable.

Problem #1: WHAT/CONTENT – School should ask what YOU want from a learning experience, then deliver that.

Curriculums are great because an educator expertly wraps knowledge in a convenient digestible package. But, a lesson targeted to one student’s learning goals may miss the mark for another student.

Solution: A site that selects content for each students goal.

Problem #2: HOW/LEARNING STYLE – School should use teaching styles that match your learning style.

Lectures, videos, exercises, reading, audio books, workbooks, writing, critique, research. Everyone has preferred styles of learning, and these often change based on your mood or location. Sometimes relaxing and reading a book is a good match and sometimes something more interactive and engaging fits.

Solution: A site that helps identify current preferred learning styles and presents content based on delivery type.

Problem #3: WHEN/TIME – School should be available whenever you are. 

Classes are great because they reserve a time for learning. However, if the amount of time required doesn’t fit into your schedule, than the course will never be completed. TED does this successfully by presenting videos based on length.

Solution: A site that presents content based on the time requirements of the learner.



TED time management

Visit my site idea here:

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 8.25.47 AM

*** Did you notice that I didn’t add much “Administration?” Power to the students.


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