Clear Interface: My Janome Sewing Machine

My sewing machine invites its user to choose stitches by making its capabilities visible and clear. I bought this machine because it had such an easy interface that I knew I wouldn’t forget how to use it. I only sew a few times a year and I have never needed to use the instruction manual! Here’s why:

The machine displays a simple interface with a few recognizable buttons. A menu pops out on the right inviting you to pick a stitch- with a corresponding number that you simply type on the keypad.

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Then, the display confirms your choice by showing you a picture of your stitch (or letters to embroider,) and shows which foot is needed. The tray below encases labeled storage for the foots so you stay organized.  The buttons for stitch width and stitch length are also particularly foolproof. Can you guess which they are? I bet you can!

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