Bio Mechanic: Lucy McRae

I found this TED talk a while ago, and I was inspired by Lucy’s ability to think of our body as a medium in a way that almost poked fun at how malleable the body was itself. She treats the body less like a canvas and more like a block of clay that can be added to, subtracted from, and combined with another medium.

I don’t know if her intention was to use bio “mechanics” but her work is definitely wearable bio technology, for which she must consider how the body moves and what it will tolerate, and furthermore, where it will evolve. She thinks about how the body moves and our relationship with and perception of our bodies. She asks what would changing the shape of our bodies be like? Then, where biomechanics would traditionally look to solve current issues, she exploits the effects of exaggerated body manipulations like plastic surgery or cloning.

She said: “I became obsessed with this idea of blurring the perimeter of the body, so you couldn’t see where the skin ended and the near environment started.” This quote resonated with me because I believe that our mind creates mind maps for much more than just our initial body. So, when we are using a pair of scisors or driving a car, our brain temporarily includes the object or machine as a part of our self.

Here is her TED talk:


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