Building the Box

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We thought making flat laser cut color pieces was fun, but making something 3D was even better! I personally haven’t felt this accomplished in my entire life. The box required test cuts to make the circles fit and a lot of planning, but building it went very smoothly. The precision of the pieces was inspiring- the box fit with right angles and precise corners- something that would have been almost impossible by hand. The acrylic glue was also a perfect tool- there wasn’t any ugly glop-it just adhered and was invisible like magic! 

We built the color sensor into a tube so that it would be sturdy, and made three other pillars to stabilize the disk should it become unbalanced (and to make it symmetrical.) Then we laid the Arduino and wires into the bottom of the box running the USB cable through the hole in the back. The motor was propped up onto a wooden block covered in electrical tape to ( to make the entire inside of the box black, which makes me happy.) The front of the box was made last, so that we had ample time to create the controls. We decided we should have had the “white balance” and “black balance” buttons on the outside of the box. This way, we wouldn’t have to “lift up the hood” to calibrate whenever the light changed. So, we ran the wires outside of the box to a smaller bread board. (this will be built in eventually)


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