Well, I guess this had to happen. I just couldn’t get this weeks lab to work.

I’m almost sure I was giving the circuit too much power, but I thought that the Arduino had the ability to turn a 9 Volt battery into only 5V.

Also, I kept getting this error, among others saying that the Arduino application could not connect to the board. I will try to borrow the same power supply as last week to try again. :-/




***** 11/9/12 — SO! As it turns out, it wasn’t an H-Bridge! (it was some other part that looks EXACTLY like an H-Bridge) 3 times I unplugged those wires — and rewired — and nothing! ARGG! However, it makes me feel better that it was the wrong part- because at least I was following the instructions correctly. With some help and wisdom of part knowledge from Tom, we got it working. Hooray here it is!


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