P-Comp Midterm: Concept

It’s midterm time!

I’ve been paired with Louise for our midterm Media Controller project. We must make a physical device that controls a medium. We spent some time discussing what interests us, and decided to explore the relationship between Musical Pitch and Color.

So, we had a decision to make: Control sound with color or color with sound???

We decided that controlling sound with color would give us the opportunity to make something physical without the output being a screen. So, we came up with making a nostalgic record player that plays color:

We thought about what the relationship should be between the colors and sounds, and have started to do some research on the topic — it seems people have been looking at the relationship for hundreds of years!

The final product will look like a small record player and have a sensor where the needle would be to sense the color of the disk passing beneath it. Can’t wait to test it out!


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