Greatest Hits

I really enjoyed reading the Greatest Hits. Good for inspiration!

Which of the types of projects mentioned in “Physical Computing’s Greatest Hits (and misses)” have you seen before? – – – – Interactive projections and interactions are becoming more popular in Soho. There is a row of grass that reacts to you passing by and a few video screens that react when someone moves in front of it. Besides that the only things I have seen are either at museums or ITP shows.

Which are most compelling to you, and why? – – – – The idea of the Salsa DDR matt is great because it’s truly educational. I was trying to teach my boyfriend to salsa this summer- that matt would have been helpful! My other favorites are the mechanical pixel projects- I have to get excited when something is tactile and not on a screen. The projects are also compelling because they have much more potential to be beautiful and well made, instead of being on a “Samsung Display.” It is inspiring that it will be a sculpture even when it’s powered down. I wonder what can be done with paper sculpture and our tiny motors.

What strengths and weaknesses do you see in them? – – – – The video mirrors seem overdone because it’s the same experience as using any Kinect game. The cars that you yell at are great because they are a physical track and nothing seems simulated- even with so much electronic parts. And, best of all, gives the creators a chance to put plastic cows on their project. I like the theremin instruments, but I think the weakness lies in having to use prexisting digital sounds. It would be better if it interpreted your hands and made real music from real vibrating things, not speakers.

What other patterns of physical interaction have you seen repeatedly? – – – – Face recognition, touch screens, “auto things”– faucets, doors, toilets, etc…


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