The best way for me to maintain balance is to keep my space clean.

When brainstorming interactive video ideas, I thought about how my life becomes clear when things are clean. This metaphore could be presented as an interactive video to help a viewer experience the anxiety that I face when something is unclean and the relief that cleaning brings. I decided that a Swiffer would be a cleaning tool that could “clean up” the video. I thought about what would be seen as universally “dirty.” – Literal Dirt? -Something visual like a scar or smoke? -Something annoying like a stutter or snoring? -Chaos and Crowds? – Scrambled video/ static?

I planned to use a nike+ sensor stuffed into the Swiffer to create a wireless activator, but upon arrival it was too hard and will be saved for down the road when I learn more about electronics. 🙂

I settled on using audio annoyances as the universal “dirt” in my project. Snoring, Singing Off-Key, and Excessive Cursing. Here are a few of my sketches:


Mixed Frames on a WallSingle frame on WallFour Frames on a Wall


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