I presented clips from “SuperSize Me” in reverse order to give the illusion that eating McDonalds helps with fitness and weight loss.

My goal for this project was to present information that is obviously wrong in the same way that any PSA would present a new idea. (In a catchy, trustworthy, informational tone.) By doing this, I wanted the viewer to acknowledge the wrong information and realize that they may have believed it had they been less familiar with the subject.

Admittedly, this was a tall order to ask of my audience. And,  I believe there are some things I could have done to make the concept more understandable. I wish I had cut more “workout” clips throughout the piece to better show the transformation from “Fat to Skinny “and if possible, used actors instead of the movie. I think prior knowledge of “Supersize Me” distracted the viewer.

So here it is: watch; listen, and don’t believe everything that’s sold to you!


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